A week or so ago, my 7-year-old son turned to me, kind of out of the blue, and said:

“Papa, you know what would be a good name for a movie? Muscle Car Zombies!”

He’s right, you know? I posted the movie title on another forum and someone questioned what the movie would be about. This is what came to me, all at once.

Clearly, this is the story of a small town in Arizona. A shady businessman holds an illegal muscle car race to host some mob types on some remote property he owns. He hopes to make a killing in bets in order to pay off some serious debts.

During the race, there is a bizarre and tragic accident. A mysterious and ragged old man appears on the track, and the lead racer swerves to avoid him, but he can’t make it in time. He wrecks in a tight, hairpin turn and the rest of the racers are too close to stop in time. There is a cataclysmic pileup and all the racers are killed in a fiery crash.

The shady businessman can’t have word of this get out, so he has his workers bury the racers in their mangled cars in one giant pit. What he doesn’t know is that this land used to be an Indian burial ground where A-bombs were tested in the ‘40s and ‘50s!

Soon, an eerie growl is heard in the streets of the small town, like a 700-horsepower demon. The racers have returned from the grave, along with their supernaturally powered muscle cars, to run down every living thing they can find.

The only hope is Chase Lawless, a former illegal street racer himself, who has reformed and forsworn racing. Will he make the plunge back into that chaotic, crooked underworld to stop the Muscle Car Zombies? When he discovers that his younger brother Justin is now one of the zombies, how can he refuse, even if it means that his girlfriend Christine will leave him?

Chase will race these zombies and lay them to rest— or lay them to waste.

If anyone can provide a decent B-movie style poster for this, I will pay you imaginary money for it!


(Imaginary money has no cash value and cannot be redeemed for valid legal tender.)